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Struggling with Infertility

When Intended Parents wish to bring family moments to life through the birth of a child, they may undergo medical and natural procedures or processes to become pregnant. For some reason or other it may not happen for them. There are a number of possible difficulties when couples are trying unsuccessfully to have a child. Some couples try invitro fertilization several times, but have the frustration of the pregnancy either not occurring or not continuing successfully. This is when a couple may start looking into options such as adoption to see if it is a fit for them. If it does not, Surrogacy can become a viable option.

Understanding how fortunate you are if you already have a family to take care of

Having a family is such a blessing, but it can get beautifully crazy. You must balance home life, studies, work, before and after school activities, and you could be taking care of your young ones at home. It takes a lot of planning, “winging it” as well as sheer luck and support to get though the day. Everything you do though, you do for your family because you love them, and you try to make sure that each person in your family has what they need to get their daily activities done. Love is the motor behind your family.

How long has Surrogacy been practiced?

 Surrogacy has been practiced a long time. Mentions of Surrogacy date back to the beginning of Judeo-Christian history as well as in Indian mythology. What has not been in place a long time is a reassuring legal, medical, and social framework that will set the standard for the proper care of the parties involved within the surrogacy process.
Why working with a Surrogacy Agency is important.

This is why

was created. Omega Family seeks to protect the all parties involved. Who are they? The first people involved are the Intended Parents or IP, who cannot create or carry a child naturally. Then we have the In Vitro Fertilization Clinics who help create embryos and have been working with the IPs to help them become pregnant. The clinics are the ones that usually refer the IPs to a trusted Surrogacy Agency who in turn looks for a Surrogate to be able to carry the Intended Parents’ child.


Who must the legal process take care of?

The previous paragraph is just a birds-eye view of the most obvious participants within the surrogacy process. There are other professionals that must be involved to make sure that the Intended Parents, Surrogates and medical participants are taken care of. One very important aspect, is the legal one. Who does the baby belong to? How is the Surrogate sure that she will get paid for having carried a child that is not her own? What sort of insurance is involved? Who pays for the medical costs that the pregnancy originates?

Who can answer my Surrogacy Questions?

To answer these questions, and to set a clear and an agreed-upon set of responsibilities between the IPs, the clinics, and Surrogates, it is a blessing to have one team to go to. Omega Family takes care of all the aspects that are involved in the surrogacy experience. Omega cares for every person who contributes to the family creating process. Every detail is taken care of warmly and personally, with the purpose to have a beautiful family creating experience. IPs feel taken care of, Surrogates feel supported, and everyone belongs to one family, the Omega Family.


Omega Family Surrogates perfoms background checks on both the Intended Parents and Surrogates

Omega Family Surrogates is located in San Diego and was created precisely to care for each party involved in the surrogacy journey. Omega Family Surrogates has teams that especially tailored to the needs of the Intended Parents, the Surrogates and to all the different professionals that play such a special part in bringing family moments to life.

Both Intended Parents and Surrogates undergo thorough background checks and psychological evaluations. This information is only shared with a matched set of Intended Parents and Surroagte. Both parties can rest assured that the family that they have chosen  is ready to beging the Surrogacy Journey together. .Learn more about these evaluations by following Omega Surrogate Stories, and listening to Surrogate Christina speak about the Pshcyological Evaluation.

Omega Surrogate Stories

Omega Family Surrogates provides 24 hour support to their Surrogates

The Surrogate knows that she has a 24-hour team that is constantly there for her, with answers to any questions, emotional support when she needs it, and the tranquility that she will be paid no matter what happens during the journey. She will also be introduced to other women who are Surrogates just like her going through the journey. This aspect sets apart Omega Surrogate from other surrogacy services. Omega Family strives to have Surrogates feel how important and special they are, not only to the IPs but also to the agency as well. The Surrogate will come out many friends richer.

At the end of the journey, Intended Parents will be blessed with that hectic love-filled life of having children. The family moments that they could not have before surrogacy, becomes a reality. The Surrogate and her family not only benefit from the compensation package they receive, but now they are part of something special by belonging to the Omega Family Surrogate community. And the Agency has allowed all of this to happen by providing its world-class service.

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