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Surrogates Support Groups. 

Maria Noelle Rivera / Aug 20, 2018 / / Comments : 0

Surrogate Support Groups make helping others much easier

Helping others is always a great excuse to get together and celebrate. Omega Family Surrogates hosts surrogacy support groups monthly to bring women who are interested in surrogacy together. Surrogates are giving people who have a desire to help other women who cannot have children of their own. Sharing this love for others outside of the family circle is very important, because pregnancy can be a a very solo experience for surrogates especially as she is not carrying her own child.  This also adds to a high quality surrogacy experience.

Surrogate Support groups provide answers 

For those women who may be interested in becoming a surrogate, these get together's are an opportunity to get their questions answered. They are able to sit down and have a one on one with those who have already been surrogates, or are currently pregnant. This experience helps them understand what surrogacy is and how it works.

Experienced surrogates get the opportunity to share their know-how and provide insight on the whole process. This is extremely helpful especially in managing the details. Only experienced surrogates know how a surrogate pregnancy differs from a non-surrogate pregnancy. They also know how to answer questions and deal with their social and work environment. These are all things that a potential surrogate could have resolved if they attend one of these meetings.

Surrogacy Support Groups create community

The most important thing of these meetings though, is to form bonds between women that truly care about helping others and have chosen to do it through surrogacy.



"Our surrogates are some of the most giving people in this world,” said Frederick W. Gaston, co-founder and chief counsel of Omega Family Global.

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