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How to Relieve Back Pain During Your Surrogacy Journey

It is no secret that being pregnant comes along with certain physical changes and discomforts such as headaches, muscle aches, swollen feet, and the...

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How to Know if I Can Become a Surrogate

Congrats! You are already taking the first step needed to become a surrogate mom, which is, being informed. Surrogacy is a complex subject. Not many...

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A Surrogate´s Life Partner

A big part of this Surrogacy Journey that you are on involves your partner. In surrogacy it is important to have the support of your significant other,...

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Doulas in Surrogacy

Finding out you are pregnant is so exciting, whether it is your first child, second, or even a surro-baby pregnancy! During pregnancy and childbirth,...

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Surrogacy´s Termination and Selective Reduction

In Surrogacy there is something called PGD testing (preimplantation genetic diagnosis).  A procedure that looks for genetic and chromosomal...

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Surrogacy´s Waiting Timelines (Part III)

Medical and legal clearance 

Getting medically and legally cleared means you are now able to start the embryo transfer process. The embryo transfer...

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Surrogacy´s Waiting Timelines (Part II)

Medical Records

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Surrogacy´s Waiting Timelines (Part I)

Starting your journey as a Surrogate is very exciting, and things start off very quickly. What you might not have anticipated is the waiting time at...

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Surrogate Profile Do’s and Don’ts

We at Omega Family Surrogates are committed to deliver the best service to our Intended Parents. We ask you to follow some guidelines, in order to make...

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Birth - Breaking Taboos


Giving birth

Becoming a mother for the first time can be scary. For starters, you don’t know what to expect during the pregnancy and much less during...

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Pregnancy - Breaking Taboos

Each pregnancy varies from the next, whether you are pregnant with your own baby or with a surro-baby. Being pregnant means you get to experience one...

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Embryo Transfer - Breaking Taboos

When considering surrogacy either as an Intended Parent or as a Surrogate, you must know that there are two types of surrogacy: Traditional Surrogacy...