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Surrogacy and Sex

Partners should be aware that there are limitations on sexual activity when becoming a Surrogate

If a woman who has a partner makes the decision to...


A Mother’s Bond

Mother / Baby connection

There is a connection between a mother and a child. Although that bond is usually attributed to the biological connection of a...


Motherhood Vanished

I was never going to be able to be a mother

The moment I knew that I would never be a mother was when I woke up from ovarian surgery at 19 years of age...


Can I be a Surrogate if...

Surrogacy is a medically assisted family creation option, and therefore there are requirements and conditions set into place to protect the well-being...


Family Creating Options: Giving up the Baby

Why you are not giving up your baby

There is only one of the family creation options that involves giving up the baby, and that is adoption. In...


The Logic Behind Family Creating Options

Infertility has become more and more common


Adopt! Don’t Shop! Unprepared to be Parents

Family Creation Options become relevant when facing infertility

Family creating options are not something that we usually think of. We assume that a...


C-section: What does the C stand for?

C is for Caedere

The C in C-section stands for cut. In Latin the word for cut, is Caedere. This makes perfect sense since the mother is cut to bring...


Trust Your Surrogate

Why Intended Parents may want to hover over their Surrogate.

Intended Parents have reached a pivotal moment in their family creation process when they ...


Is Surrogacy Good or Bad?

Surrogacy is a medically assisted family creation method

The answer to whether surrogacy is a good or bad depends on who you are, where you come from,...