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The Logic Behind Family Creating Options

In the United States of America, infertility has become more common that it was a generation ago. Having a family after unsuccessful attempts for...


Adopt! Don’t Shop! Unprepared to be Parents

Family creating options are not something that we usually think of. We assume that a couple who is together can eventually become pregnant and have a...


C-section: What does the C stand for?

The C in C-section stands for cut. In Latin the word for cut, is Caedere. This makes perfect sense since the mother is cut to bring out the child. This...


Trust Your Surrogate

Intended Parents have reached a pivotal moment in their family creation process when they make the decision to go forth with Surrogacy. As a decision...


Is Surrogacy Good or Bad?

The answer to whether surrogacy is a good or bad depends on who you are, where you come from, your pressure groups, and what you believe.

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Knowing Before Giving


My friend Rebecca and I have the “tradition” that every first Tuesday of the month we get our girls together. When the weather gets really hot, or...


What now? When a Match is not a Match

As I sit down at a coffee shop and open my laptop, a half hour before my Skype call, I start getting the weirdest feeling. I have not felt this way...


Finding That Connection

When entering the Surrogacy Journey, both the Gestational Carrier (GC) and her family have expectations to be met by the Intended Parents. The Intended...


Why I became an Intended Parent

An Intended Parent is a person who cannot have children, usually due to a natural inability, and chooses Surrogacy as a personal family creating...


Whose Baby is it?

Surrogacy is a family creating option that involves a couple who cannot bear children for themselves, who enter in agreement with a woman who will...