Is Surrogacy Good or Bad? 

Maria Noelle Rivera / Feb 14, 2019 / Blog / Comments : 0

Surrogacy is a medically assisted family creation method

The answer to whether surrogacy is a good or bad depends on who you are, where you come from, your pressure groups, and what you believe.

If you are an Intended Parent who has faced infertility....

Are you Intended Parents who cannot have children of your own, and truly want a child to carry your genetic make-up? There are some cultures that penalize parents if their offspring do not hold their genetic information. There are other communities that will look on those choosing Surrogacy over adoptions heartless. At the end of the day, it is a matter of your beliefs and circumstances. What if your family does not believe that Surrogacy is an option, or maybe they do? How does this affect your decision? What if you believe that a superior being did not give you the faculty to have children, and therefore that is your fate? All of these questions play an important role in whether an Intended Parent will consider Surrogacy as good or bad.

If you are a woman who meets all the Surrogate requirements and wants to help others who are facing infertility...

Are you a potential Gestational Carrier who loves being pregnant and can give the gift of parenthood to someone who cannot have children? Surrogates are amazing women who want to share the joys of motherhood with women who cannot have children naturally. They could not imagine their lives without their kids and want to spend as much time as possible with them. Compensated Surrogacy allows them to continue their routines, whether this implies going to work or staying at home with the kids.


Compensated Surrogacy

Surrogates are compensated for carrying a child that is not genetically related to them, and they can do so because their bodies are healthy. Women become Gestational Carriers by choice. They must comply with many requirements and many work hard to be able to get in shape to become Surrogates. This is not something to be taken lightly.

A Surrogates purpose

Surrogates are very engaged with their purpose, and that benefits not only the Intended Parents but the baby as well. This will and effort also dispels the fear that Gestational Carriers want to stay with the baby. This is not the case, because their purpose is to enable Intended Parents to have a family of their own. How could they do this if they were to keep the child? That would not coincide with the Surrogate’s purpose, and many safeguards are written into the contracts to ensure that there is never any confusion about the baby’s parents.

Facing Infertility:  The Intended Mother

The Intended Mother is almost always a woman who cannot have children of her own, and this can be something very hard to deal with. According to experts, Intended Parents have already gone through various fertility treatments, all of which have proven unsuccessful. They have already spent at least a year researching and considering Surrogacy before they finally take action and begin their process. The Intended Mother wants nothing more than to be able to carry her own child, but cannot. It isn’t until all else fails that couples resort to Surrogacy.

The common bond between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate and her family

The common bond between both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate is the love for the child being brought into the world. The Gestational Carrier will carry the child with care, make sure that the baby is protected, and provide a safe environment. She takes care of herself so that the baby will be born healthy and given to his or her parents. As we described in the previous paragraph, the Intended Parents have been preparing for this moment for years. They have everything ready to take the child home, where love and family moments await.

mom and child sketch

So, in this case for both the Intended Parents and for the Surrogate, Surrogacy is a good thing. It is an opportunity for Intended Parents to bring family moments to life, and for the Surrogate to provide a selfless gift that will bring monetary compensation.

Woman are used as objects during Surrogacy

Now, there are others that consider that Surrogacy is wrong or bad because women are being used as objects to have children that don’t belong to them. Those who believe this carry a firm belief that women who participate in Surrogacy are allowing themselves to be used, or that they are in it just for the money. They also believe that what is being “paid for” is a child, when in reality it is a service in which a healthy womb is being offered to nurture a developing baby. Surrogacy is a family creating option; it is not production of humans for commerce.

What about all those kids in foster care?

A negative light can be shed on Surrogacy because there are so many children in foster care and orphanages. Having Intended Parents choose Surrogacy over adoption seems heartless. This negative light charges Intended Parents with negative energy just because of their freedom of choice. If a person feels that someone should adopt instead of resorting to other family options, this person is free to adopt a child of their own. This is a very beautiful way to extend and create a family. An Intended Parent has the right to his or her own choice on how to create their family; no one should hinder that choice based on what they believe is right or is wrong.

Is Surrogacy good or bad?

So returning to our original question, is Surrogacy good or bad, right or wrong, all depends on who you are, what your beliefs are, and what options are available to you regarding creating your family. You are allowed to advocate for your beliefs, and you are allowed to disagree, but you should not hinder other peoples’ right to choose what is best for them.