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Me and my Jo - Children and Surrogacy

In my experience, my girls like going out on dates. My wife is a laid-back country girl, who likes to have a beer or two, whereas my six-year-old...


A Surrogate’s Checklist

Becoming aware about Surrogacy

I am currently in the third trimester of my second pregnancy, so I was at my doctor’s office waiting to be called in...


A Gestational What?

My wife gives birth to a baby that isn't our own 

I am standing amidst nurses, Intended Parents, and the doctor as my wife gives birth to a baby that...


Income with Purpose

Moms should consider becoming Digital Nomads

Technological progress has allowed professionals to work from their computers as long as they have a power...


Dispelling Fears about Surrogacy

Surogacy and Horror Stories

Surrogacy is often associated with fearful horror stories: The Intended Parents do not pay the Surrogate Mother; The...


Surrogacy and Sex

Partners should be aware that there are limitations on sexual activity when becoming a Surrogate

If a woman who has a partner makes the decision to...


A Mother’s Bond

Mother / Baby connection

There is a connection between a mother and a child. Although that bond is usually attributed to the biological connection of a...


Motherhood Vanished

I was never going to be able to be a mother

The moment I knew that I would never be a mother was when I woke up from ovarian surgery at 19 years of age...


Can I be a Surrogate if...

Surrogacy is a medically assisted family creation option, and therefore there are requirements and conditions set into place to protect the well-being...


Family Creating Options: Giving up the Baby

Why you are not giving up your baby

There is only one of the family creation options that involves giving up the baby, and that is adoption. In...